Modern Pilates is based on the original works of German-born Joseph Pilates, who founded the Pilates method in the 1920’s. His methods were used by dancers, gymnasts, and actresses. Modern Pilates looks at the original works of Joseph Pilates, but then takes Pilates into the 21st Century. They have taken the best of Joseph Pilates' techniques and combined them with recent research and knowledge that they have about fitness, exercise and core stability. This has enabled Modern Pilates to create a scientific and educationally sound programme for health and fitness professionals, thereby providing instructors (like myself) with the skills to teach Pilates with a clinical focus in mind.


Pilates is based on eight principles:

Relaxation, Alignment, Control, Precision, Routine, Breathing, Centering, and Flowing Movement.

LF Pilates works on all of these principles to provide a safe and effective class to suit any age and all ability levels.