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LF Pilates Class doing exercises

“I first joined your Pilates group to try to help with my back problems and to keep myself healthier. My back has improved so much; I can spend more time doing tasks without suffering with repercussions afterwards. I have not had to visit an osteopath or chiropractor since starting classes. Thank you Louise for all your hard work.”


“Since attending your Pilates classes I have had a lot less back pain. My back was even fine throughout my pregnancy – I put this down to Pilates! Thank you.”

Picture of Pilates stretch

"I was recommended to do Pilates by a physio after treatment for an inflamed sciatic nerve and tight SI joint, with the idea being to strengthen my core and leg muscles to take pressure off a weak area. I didn't know anything about Pilates, so I wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for but the classes are fun, varied and Louise is a great teacher. The exercises have helped me rejoin a gym, play golf all year and remove the aches in my back. I can feel the improvement so now I'm the one recommending it to people! Give it a go!"


“I really enjoy classes, try not to miss a week and have rarely missed in 4½ years. Enjoy the friendliness of the classes, individual attention to aid progress and variety of exercises. It has really helped me to improve strength, balance and co-ordinate as well as flexibility. Clear concise explanations with no fuss – lovely! Fun, friendly and very enjoyable, Louise ensures a non-threatening atmosphere where exercise is challenging but leaves you feeling very relaxed. Thanks Louise you ensure that the class is about the participants.”

Pilates Matt and accessories

“The class helps to reduce the discomfort of spinal problems resulting from an accident 30 years ago.”

Marple Library class member

“I find the classes most enjoyable because I am not forced to overdo any of the exercises if I am not capable – I also find  Louise gives me an alternative exercise to any I cannot do.”


“Louise is lovely and I thoroughly enjoy the classes. Pilates has really helped to strengthen my back which I damaged a few years ago. I have been coming to Louise’s classes for over 3 years now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!”


“Since taking the classes my posture and fitness levels have improved dramatically and the sciatica I suffered previously is now a thing of the past.”


“Louise checks that each of us is doing the Pilates exercises in the right manner. Louise is very caring, and responsibly tailors the varied exercises to suit individual’s problems. She keeps the interest, challenge and balance by varying the focus of the exercises and their nature each week, and is full of interesting and inspiring bits of advice and support. I am really feeling the benefits of her classes to my posture, flexibility and general well-being. It is particularly helpful that Louise continues her classes during school holidays for continuity, when many other classes stop.”

Marple Library class member